Metasploit Payload Generator Script – paygen


When testing I always find myself doing more advanced exploitation on boxes and mostly use metasploit to do all these tasks, however I always forget the exact syntax for creating a metasploit payload and then setting up a multi/handler.

Obviously there is a load of easy ways to do this but I thought I would create a simple python script that basically takes your IP from eth0, then asks what type of payload to create and the output location. Once it has generated this is will create a multi/handler session with all the same settings ready for you. This then makes it terribly easy to run paygen then double click file from my samba share.

It could be improved by adding AV bypass techniques such as veil or ultimate payload but for now I have just done the basics. Anyway here is the script paygen, let me know thoughts, suggestions, insults etc……


Have fun 🙂

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